The new Lights Out, God Help Me album is available on bandcamp.

You’re welcome.

This is the newest three track single I’ve put out. Three songs: God Mode, Fear Me, and a remastered version of Acidhunter. It’ll set you back approximately $1.50. Go give it a listen.


I’ll admit it (and big surprise here), I’m critical. I think as an artist you need to be on some things because you won’t have any perspective if you aren’t. I’m especially critical of how bands, particularly smaller or new bands, promote themselves. Mostly because (IMHO) I see them doing it…





Watching this….

My childhood evolves around this sing along. Besides Be our guest this was my other favorite one and the fact I just found it… I missed it so much omg! 

Omg I can’t handle myself I’m jumping up and down so much. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS POST.

I KNOW RIGHT! I’m enjoying this so much right now! I’m like crying from happiness of finding it! XD 


talk about a flash back

Holy fuck. I had this on VHS.

Happy fucking birthday, right?